Chinese agent translation service

4 Steps to Find a Professional Chinese Agent Translation Service

Rather than using services from Translation Company, some people tend to hire a Chinese agent translation service personally. The reason is clear; the rate is commonly much lower.

However, you should know also that there are more risks of this. One of them is that the result is probably worse and less accurate than the translations done by the company.

So, what should you do to find a trusted agent particularly in translating from English to Chinese and vice versa? Here they are.

Choose a Professional Agent

There are now many people who have a side job as a translator. Most of them are coming from the realms of students who understand and master both English and Chinese.

Sure, it is not bad to choose a student to do this project. However, whoever you finally choose, he or she must be proven to be professional. It can be seen from the good and accurate results.

Chinese agent translation service
Chinese agent translation service

Besides, the agent must be able to finish the job before the deadline given. Some of the translators may advertise themselves on the internet.

See the Certificates and Validation

Particularly for the translation of important documents, you should not underestimate this matter.

The translator chosen must be credible. The credibility can be seen from the certificate or Chinese linguistic validation he or she has.

To find the certificate, a translator indeed must pass through some test to know their skills and make sure they can work in more competent ways.

For this fact, make sure the translator shows you the certificates first. If they are not, you can ask them to see the certificate anyway.

Chinese agent translation service
Chinese agent translation service

See the Results

If you are looking for a translation agency, it is assumed that you must understand at least one of the languages whether it is English or Chinese.

So, in a case that you need to translate a text from a language you don’t know to another language you know, it seems better to see the results.

Indeed, you probably cannot see the accuracy there but at least you can see if the text is comfortable to read.

Notice the language style whether it is appropriate with the type of documents to translate.

For examples, formal documents must use formal languages while a fiction text tends to apply a free translation method.

Ask for Revision

Just like the translation company, a translation agent must give some additional services.

The most important one is a service for revisions. This way, you think that is words or phrases that are not suitable, you can ask him or to revise them for you.

However, there is commonly a rule regarding the revisions. There are the limits, and revisions are not allowed if there are too many as well as the mistakes or errors are on the client’s side.

Using a personal agent to translate your documents is a good idea for sure. If you can choose him or her well, the results can be as good as the English to Chinese translation services provided by a company.