Chinese English translation rate

Chinese English Translation Rate and Determining Factors

Chinese languages, like Mandarin or Cantonese, have become more important in the last several years. As a result, English-Chinese translation services are also more important among businesses that deal with companies in Chinese speaking countries, or vice versa. Accordingly, Chinese English translation rate tends to increase in many agencies. The good news is that the clients now have more options of translation agencies, thus allowing them to find one that offers affordable rate.

Chinese is now one of the most important languages in the world, thanks to its increasing presence the world’s stage. Actually, the increasing importance of Chinese had been predictable. Why? Almost one-fifth of the world population speaks Chinese. It is not surprising that you will find Chinese-speaking people in almost every nation.

English Chinese translation hourly rate
English Chinese translation rate

Chinese English Translation Rate: Things That Affect It

Besides the huge population, there are some other reasons why Chinese language becomes more important and more people want to know Chinese English translation rate. They include the following:

Influential Markets

China is the world’s second largest economy. Thanks to its huge population, Chinese is certainly a potential market for any products or services. Chinese are known for their fond of trading. They are involved in many businesses and industries. Therefore, businesses that can get entrance to Chinese markets have huge opportunities to grow and gain global reach.  There will be a chance for you to have business presentation, attend a business conference, or participate in business fair in China.

The results of any business events depend much on your ability to attract attention of Chinese people. One of the ways is by providing them marketing contents in local language. Whether they are brochures, business apps, or website, the marketing materials must be translated or localized into Mandarin, Cantonese, or Taiwanese.

You will find out that many Chinese people are not able to understand messages in English. Providing them with localized contents in Chinese language can be a good idea. This provides the Chinese people with sense of ownership. Furthermore, the local people can easily get the points on your business.


Whether it is a business or personal travel, you will need to visit your Chinese counterpart. You will need help from professional translators or interpreters. English Chinese translation hourly rate is certainly influenced by the type of services you need. For instance, whether it is a consecutive or simultaneous interpreting service, the hourly rate you pay will be different.

If you are interested in Chinese culture without having to visit China, you can visit Chinatown in many countries. An interesting thing to note is that Chinese in these countries are doing business with companies from different countries. However, many of them are not speaking English. In this case, you need a translator or interpreter to communicate with local people.  The journey will be more entertaining if you have an interpreter along the journey.

Widely Used Language

The need for Chinese-English translation or vice versa is not limited to a business deal or travel to China. In fact, you may find Chinese-speaking people in several countries in Asia, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, Mongolia, or Indonesia. Many Chinese people live in these countries.

Therefore, ability to speak Chinese will be very helpful when you visit one of those countries. Unfortunately, learning Chinese cannot be done overnight. It takes a long process and practice. Therefore, having a reputable translation agency as a partner is a short-term solution you have.

With increasing role of Chinese in economy, tourisms, and politics, Chinese translation service plays crucial roles for businesses that want to enter Chinese market. It is not surprising that Chinese English translation rates are always interesting questions for businesses.

Chinese English translation rates
Chinese English translation rate

Finding the Right Chinese English Translation Agency

Internet has changed the way people do their business, including Chinese English translation agencies and Chinese English translation rate. Now, you can easily find them online and they offer varied rates. However, make sure to choose one with care. The following tips may be helpful:

  • Make sure to find a registered and legitimate translation agency. Such an agency promises timely service and guaranteed results. A legitimate agency also guarantees the security of your personal and business information. This may prevent you from data abuse.
  • Choose a translation agency that offers native-speaker translators from different backgrounds. You certainly need to translate various types of documents, like marketing contents or legal documents. These documents need translators from different backgrounds.
  • Choose a translation agency that also has professional interpreters. Dealing with only a single agency is certainly more convenient for you. Whether you need to translate document or you need an interpreter for a business meeting, a single agency can meet your needs.

Finally, choose an agency that offers rational Chinese English translation rate. Why? Too cheap rate may be questionable. A quality service is logically highly valued. On the other hand, too expensive rate may not be affordable for startups or small businesses.