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Indonesian Translation Agency: Common Misconceptions in Translation

Indonesian Translation Agency

We can now easily a professional Indonesian Translation Agency through the online website. The service offers real human translators and not machine translation. Therefore, the quality is guaranteed.

Besides, clients do not have to deal with the translation processes themselves. That will be more time efficient. People do need to measure their time management rather than only considering the cost management. It is recommended to just ask the professional translators to handle the tasks.

The demand of Indonesian Translation Agency improves a lot due to the wider communications among corporations of different nations.

There are also people who get connected with the international world and thus they need to translate many documents into English and vice versa.

However, some people still find it useless to contact the professional agency because of the tools available. Besides, some people still believe in myths of translations:

Here are some of the common wrong ideas and myths related to translation:

1.Bilingual People Can be Translator

People often believe those who speak English and also native of Indonesia will be able to translate. Being raised bilingually will not be a guarantee that a person can translate any documents in those two languages.

People who are fluent in two languages in written and spoken are not automatically translators. There are many procedures and stages in translations that people have to follow. In addition, it is important that a translator is certified based on their experiences and skills.

2.Translation Does not Mean Writing

Many people still do not understand translation is not a mere writing. It is way more complicated than writing.

Translators have to master how to transfer the cultural elements from the original text into the targeted language. The translation results should sound natural while carrying similar meaning to the original text. Translating special documents such as legal documents, fictions, and philosophical text even need a better skill.

3.Translation is Quick Process

This is a totally wrong opinion. Translating a document is not as easy as changing the language into the targeted language instantly.

The process takes a considerable time if people want to get a good quality translation. It will not be reasonable to ask translators to do it fast.

Some people get the wrong idea because they think that it will be as simple as substituting the words of English into Bahasa Indonesia. Translation is an art and we cannot rush art.

Indonesian Translation Agency needs time for searching the best definitions and synonyms of the words. Also, the professionals have to measure the context, the semantics, and cultural influences inside a text.

The concepts and verbal styles inside a text should be transferred well and it requires some times to complete. After the whole things are done, translators still have to edit and proofread the overall results.

To translate document from English to Indonesian will not be that easy since the grammar should be perfect. The punctuation and capitalizations will be the last touches to complete.

Indonesia translation agency
Indonesia translation agency

4.Translator Can Translate Both Directions

Indeed, good translators need to be able to translate from English to Indonesian language and vice versa equally. But those skills are hard for some reasons.

Translating English into Bahasa Indonesia can be harder for some context. However, to transfer Bahasa into English can be hard since the Bahasa Indonesia has a keen cultural content.

Besides, even for the bilingual people, there will be one dominant language since human is innate for one mother tongue only. Therefore, translators will usually find some difficulties in translating in the other direction. So, we need to give the professional times.

5.Translator Can Do Any Document Translation with the same Duration

Texts are varied and the difficulties are different. Therefore, the translation duration will be varied as well. Clients should thus be patient if the source text requires a deep research and preparation.

For instance, medical documents or text will be harder compared to simpler text of company profiles. Translators have to develop large vocabularies for each text that they are dealing with.

There are still many other myths related to translations. Some people still believe the myths that computer translators or tools are reliable. Some others do not know that translators are different from interpreters.

What we can conclude is that professional Indonesian Translation Agency is a brilliant service that people can rely for any document translation.

We have to only search the best service online and get high quality products within the given deadlines.